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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bush's Bagging Brooklyn Bridge Blowtorch Buffoon Boast Bolloxed, Blogger Bemoans Bombastic Bushlit.

But, along with several British counterterrorism officials, some of the officials questioned assertions by the Bush administration that the program was the key to uncovering a plot to detonate fertilizer bombs in London in 2004. The F.B.I. and other law enforcement officials also expressed doubts about the importance of the program's role in another case named by administration officials as a success in the fight against terrorism, an aborted scheme to topple the Brooklyn Bridge with a blow torch.

Some officials said that in both cases, they had already learned of the plans through interrogation of prisoners or other means.

My father laughed when I told him that exibit A of the success of the criminal NSA program was finding the guy who planned to bring the bridge down with a blowtorch.
How do I tell him that this claim was false without endagering his ribs ? I guess I shouldn't worry about the effect of absurdity on the guy who was (falsely) accused of painting a toilet seat at the University of Chicago red (and don't even ask me about his wedding reception).

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