Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wow Sounds Great "An experimental project in Canada to inject carbon dioxide into oil fields has proven successful, removing 5 million tons of the heat-trapping "greenhouse" gas, while enhancing oil recovery, the Energy Department said Tuesday."

(via rawstory).

A key point is that they get the C02
from coal gasification so they don't have to either run after cars or build powerstations with smoakstacks which reach oil fields. Thus the progress against global warming happens when the Synfuel is burned instead of burning the coal directly.

The story doesn't say if C02 has value to oil companies as an excellent gast to inject into oil fields or whether air would work just as well. Certainly if C02 is just like air for the drillers and almost certainly even if it is better suited to oil extraction subsidies or a tax on C02 emissions would be needed to make this happen on a huge scale.

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