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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus wrote an excellent article on page A1 of the Washington Post which proves, although they are polite about it, that Bush lied when he claimed that his critics were trying to rewrite the history of the decision ot invade Iraq.

Milbank and Pincus are consistently excellent in that tiny fraction of their articles which I have read. I think the news, such as it is, is that this latest refutation of Bush's claims is not on page A16.

There is one point which they do not hammer in. Bush said "When I made the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Congress approved it with strong bipartisan support."

This is positive proof that Bush is a liar. At the time the resolution was approved, Bush claimed he had not decided to remove Saddam Hussein from power via an invasion.
At the time, he claimed war was his last resort and he hoped that forceful diplomacy would be enough to make Saddam Hussein comply with all security councile resolutions. When that alleged hope turned out to be well founded, he invaded anyway. Bush's claims that no decision had been made are well known. You can find them easily in this google search for bush & Iraq & invade & "no decision"

Now he has admitted that he was lying then. As noted by Milbank and Pincus He lied again when he claimed that, in 2002, congress approved the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power. The resolution said no such thing.

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