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Monday, October 31, 2016

Long Term Effects of Comeygate ?

I assume the reader is familiar with the furor related to the letter sent by FBI director James Comey to Rep. Joshua Chaffetz (Rep. Utah (in this case Rep. stands for reprensible)).

I am wondering about what effects it will have after November 8th. There has been a good bit of discussion of how anything including the words "e-mail" and "Clinton" is bad for Democrats. Many guess that Hillary Clinton will, nonetheless, be elected president (I stress that I have never made any prediction related to that possibility and have *not* jinxed anything). Some suggest that the nothing burger will affect down ballot elections.

I am wondering about the long term effects in the hypothetical case that Clinton becomes President (I make no prediction one way or the other regarding this eventuality). It is very clear and alarming that some of the people insanely dedicated to getting a Clinton are FBI agents. I guess this isn't really surprising.

I am wondering (and hoping) that the Clinton haters have gone too far. FBI director James Comey has been very widely denounced. For two days the story line has been "US government employees abuse their offices in their efforts to get Clinton). I think it is possible that the conventional wisdom will be that Clinton persecution is a serious national problem. I wonder if this might be very very useful to the hypothetical second President Clinton.

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Max said...

Long term indeed.