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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Desperate no hope GOP presidential candidates will try anything.

Lindsey Graham has been having a bit of trouble getting attention and beating 0% in polls so he decided to get sloshed and discuss who he would fuck, marry or kill (or -- as asked date, marry or disappear permanently). I am not exaggerating.

CNN’s Very Serious Journalist Dana Bash asked Graham to play a delightful childhood game known as Fuck Marry Kill, although she asked it in her Very Serious Journalist way:

Asked which of these people — Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, or Carly Fiorina — he would “date, marry, or disappear forever,” Graham initially resisted, joking that he “didn’t know we were going to do the Mormon thing here.”

Finally, he said he would date Palin and marry Fiorina “‘cause she’s rich.” Asked by Bash if that meant he would “disappear” Clinton, Graham shot back, “No. Is she rich? ‘Cause she said she was flat-broke.”

I suppose the get real drunk and sexist approach has to work better than whatever he was doing (I think aiming to reach across the aisle to work on bipartisan initiatives to go crazy about Benghazi or something).

But, sadly, Graham isn't the most desperate one. Kasich is so desperate for attention that he has tried the last, the very last, option -- telling the truth about what the Republican party has become.


Soccer Dad said...

Idon't know if you have noticed, but these GOP candidates that you like to make fun of - they are taking over the country at the state and local and congressional level

so, who is the fool - you or them ?

Robert said...

I didn't mean to suggest that all GOP candidates are desperate no hope candidates. I mean to refer hopeless presidential hopefuls who have no chance of winning the nomination.

I was thinking of the relative popularity, within the GOP, of Kasich and Graham on the one hand as opposed to non desperate hope having serious contenders such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson.