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Saturday, September 12, 2015

House Republicans Attempt Kabuki and Trip Over Mask

Being upset that Democrats managed to filibuster the resolution disapproving the Iranian Nuclear deal, House Republicans decided to take three symbolic votes. First they voted on whether to approve the deal (which does not need congressional approval). For some reason this difference was important to them. On that vote 25 Democrats voted yes along with all but one Republican (one voted present). This means that there would not be enough votes against the agreement to overturn a veto of a resolution disapproving the veto (which will not pass the Senate because of the filibuster or the House because of the weird theatrics). Then they insisted on voting on a resolution suspending the President's authority to relax sanctions until January 21 2017 (that is exactly so long as Obama is the President). It is not clear to me why Conservative House Republicans demanded a vote on this resolution. It will not be proposed in the Senate and would obviously be vetoed if it passed the Senate.
On this vote two (2) Democrats voted with the Republicans. The roll call might be the closest to purely partisan in the recent history of the House of Representatives[nope see update]. So Republicans can now boast that their effort to block Obama has bipartisan support, because two (2) Democrats voted with them. If they hadn't insisted on the second resolution, they could have claimed the support of 25 Democrats.
Losing is always painful, but losing mid term elections to these buffoons is humiliating. The two Democrats are Representatives Graham and Vargas. I don't know what districts they represent, but I hereby promise to donate no less than $100 to anyone who primaries either of them (if you do primary them demand that I pay up in a comment to this post). The crazy and/or cowardly Democrats' names are in italics
Update: My mistake. On Thursday there was an even more perfectly partisan vote with 0 Republicans voting no and 0 Democrats voting yes on a motion claiming the Obama administration hadn't sent congress enough information so the 60 day clock never started. I am confident that there has never been a more purely partisan vote (that's safe to say) So why did Republicans insist on getting a record that no (0 (zero)) Democratic representatives agree with their absurd claim ? Does anyone there know how to play this game ?

1 comment:

Soccer Dad said...

does anyone think they know how to play this game ??

well, as u yrself noted, these buffoons kicked butt in the last midterm
maybe they are smart and are listening to the poli sci people who tell us that the swing voter is a myth and it is all about energizing your base ?

also, they are , from my, and, i think your, perspective literally insane: they think all this crazy stuff and really believe it.

PS: pretty lazy of you not to find out who the two traitor dems are and list there districts and websites