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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Opinions on Shape of Planet don't differ, one side has a sense of shame.

It is too early to say that the Kochtopus has sung it's swan song, but is sure seems that they have thrown about as much bullshit in the melting pot as it can hold. Their latest attacks "In Iowa, they're going after Rep. Bruce Braley with a ... charge that he supported Obamacare ... and "health insurance companies stand to make billions" off the law." Now the Koch supported operatives don't really believe that anything which leads to high corporate profits is bad any more than Obama or Braley do. They are serving two capitalists by denouncing profit as theft and accusing democrats of being insufficiently hostile to profit. Of course, the phrase "both sides" in "opinions on shape of planet differ, both sides have a point" already invokes the unfortunate tendency to consider the range of respectably opinion to go from the main stream of the Democratic party on right (as in the case "Opinions on WMD in Iraq don't differ. Both sides don't have a point").

In reality there are more than two sides. For example the Koch propaganda seems to correspond to the sincere views of Jane Hamsher who was (and for all I know still is) sure that the ACA was a bill to be killed because it was soft on health insurance industry profits.

But not even a very serious centrist villager could believe in a Teadog firebagger alliance of those who attack capitalism from the right and from the left. I think it is clear that opportunistic betrayal of the sacred tenets of hippy punching is the one thing that can make those guys admit, say, that they were totally wrong about Paul Ryan and worse much worse, that Paul Krugman was right.

When Ryan attacked the Medicare cuts in the ACA (and also in his budgets) he betrayed the VSP cause of cutting entitlements. To them acceptable debate includes any number of magic asterixes and claims that the CBO has scored something when it was ordered to assume that reduced tax rates don't imply reduced revenue (by Ryan who absolutely has the authority to order them to do that when scoring his roadmap as he did). But Mediscare is beyond the bounds (This also includes the true claim rated pants on fire with 4 Pinocchios and lie of the year that oh say Ryan wants to end Medicare and replace it with a fundamentally different program which he, exercizing his first amendment rights, choses to name "Medicare")

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Anonymous said...

"Kochtopus has sung it's swan song"
I'm calling Godwin by proxy!!!!