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Friday, April 18, 2014

Kossack Kontra Karter Kontumly

Kos et al (OK Kos et Jedius Lewifillius) understate the glorious accomplishments of Jimmy Carter (no I'm not kidding I mean it). They both have fun with Rand Paul's unwise question "When is the last time in our country we created millions of jobs?" and his incorrect false reality not based and totally absurd answer "It was under Ronald Reagan." Correct answer (if one rounds) since January (since then non farm employment has increased by about 1,684,000) or no rounding (and un-deseasonalized data are a bitch) in the past year (really past 11 months since last april) Been a longgggg time since we saw that (hell the kiddo is so young that maybe 11 months to him is like a decade to me although it is but as a blink of an eye to Aqua Buddha).

Unfortunately Kossacks seem not to have learned about the effete elite's tool called "division" (or maybe they believe in solidarity and oppose abhor and abnegate division). So they report employment growth per president and years per president but don't report employment growth per year by president.

It's not so hard The only challenge is Obama pres for 5 1/6 years from inauguration to last data with (non farm) employment growth of around 5,220,000 so oh just over a million a year.

Now compare

Bush II 0.16 million per year

Clinton 2.86 million per year

Bush I 0.65 million per year

Reagan 2.02 million per year

Carter 2.58 million per year

Yes the rate of employment growth per year (in jobs per year) was higher under Carter than Reagan. Of course given that employment grew under Carter growth in percent of employment per year was higher too. Yes growth per year was higher under Reagan than Obama,but Reagan wasn't inaugurated to manage an economy in free fall.

Here my complaint is that partisan Democrats (hell we are talking Kossacks) try to avoid mentioning Carter and therefore allow partisan Republicans and non partisan just about everyone to agree that the Carter presidency was a disaster. It was if all you care about is price stability. If you have sane, semi-sane or quarter-sane priorities it wasn't.

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