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Monday, December 16, 2013

Rude Comment on Kilgore

I wrote this at Ed Kilgore's blog, but decided to bury it here, because I trust he doesn't read this blog. Kilgore wrote "First of all, this misstates the Cowan-Kessler argument, which is that Democratic defense of maximum entitlement spending makes “investments” like universal pre-K impossible—not that they are utopian in themselves." He is wrong. I commented (then dumped here) Cowan and Kessler denounced Di Blasio who has nothing to do with socialsecurityandmedicare but who advocates universal pre-K. Their concluding paragraph notes the pre-K referendum in Colorado. They use the typically Republican lie of equating increased taxes on the rich (proposed by di Blasio) and increased taxes in general (rejected by Coloradans). In contrast populist Clinton and Obama campaigned promising higher taxes on the rich and lower taxes for everyone else (and Obama actually delivered). You denounced them, before Tanden and Scheiber did. I admire you very much and agree with practically everything you write. But you have a problem with the word "centrist" and insist on grinding old axes. On what issues do you disagree with Warren ? You have a problem when you criticize Cowan and Kessler then, when others do, you deny that they wrote things that they plainly and explicitly wrote. You are too smart and too hard working to let knee-jerk tribalism continue to cause you to write nonsense whenever you get the impression that some people don't like the DLC which, notably, doesn't even exist anymore.

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