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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Question of the day

PPP says 28 % of US adults " believe a shadowy elite are conspiring to form world government."

Atrios asks "Aren't They"

So is he part of the crazification 27% or is he a one percenter ?

Advertizing revenue is magic, but I think that there is a hint in the same post

" 'just 4% of respondents — believes shape-shifting lizard people control the world.'

Pretty sure there's something to that lizard people thing, too."

I for one (that is 0.00000033% of the US population) think I love that man.

Oh wait I get it.  He's a shape changing lizard person (that's one way to avoid falling for the conventional wisdom).

Update: from the same poll, I find my second most extreme out of the mainstream view may now be my third most extreme out of the mainstream view.  My most out of the main stream view is that there definitely is no God so I'm part of the atheist roughy 3% (much smaller than the 20% who don't identify with any organized religion most of whom are neither atheist or agnostic -- I guess they are sure there's Something Divine but not sure exactly What).  My current second most flaky far out their view is that the US foreign aid budget should be increased.  This might edge out atheism if one specifies "at least 20 fold" as I do.

But my third flakiest view is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  It is now shared by 25% of adult Americans.  Believe me this is way up (during most of my life more people believed that Elvis Presley was alive than believed that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone -- of course for a good third of my life Elvis Presley was alive, so there is that).

Anyway the fraction of US adults who think Oswald acted alone (as I do) is now almost as large as the fraction of Illinois voters who voted for Alan Keyes.  I feel almost mainstream.

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Anonymous said...

No way - it's only 25% for Oswald? Maybe it's a generational thing - I'm in my twenties - but I've never been under the impression that any of the alternatives were to be viewed credulously.