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Friday, April 05, 2013

Kevin Drum suggests I have a 2 digit IQ and asks for a natural experiment

Christian Roots of School Voucher Movement Still Pretty Obvious

.... those of us who are over the age of 40 and have three-digit IQs remember where this all started: with segregated Christian schools in the South who were denied tax-exempt status in the 70s. This was one of the formative protest issues for the Christian right, and led directly to their campaigns for state and federally funded vouchers for parents who sent their kids to Christian academies.


Chance of redemption 

Needed: Clever Economists to Study Benefits of Marrying Early

Which is better, getting married early or getting married late? Beats me.
This is just begging for one of those clever natural experiments so beloved of economists these days. ... Where's freakonomics when you need it?

from the Wiki on "selective service"

President Kennedy set up Executive Order 11119 (signed on September 10, 1963), granting an exemption from conscription for married men between the ages of 19 and 26. President Johnson later rescinded the exemption for married men without children by Executive Order11241 (signed on August 26, 1965 and going into effect on midnight of that date). 

There is going to be an effect of turning 18 in 64 not 63 or 65.  Not such a huge deal since the chance of getting sent to Vietman in 63 and 64 was zero, but I'm glad I wasn't a fly on the wall Midnight August 26 1965 when guys told their fiancees they weren't getting married.  

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