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Friday, December 21, 2012

Jennifer Rubin Surpasses Herself

She reported on Boehner's genius yesterday

Headline (not written by her) "Republicans Put Obama in a Box".  Uh Ms Rubin it would take 218 House Republicans to do anything and they didn't.

via Zandar who wrote

If there are still any doubters out there that President Obama is about to crush the GOP fiscal cliffslope position like a bug underneath a small moon, please factor in Jennifer Rubin’s assessment that he’s been checkmated by Orange Julius

My interest in Rubin's column focuses on the line

" Poor Senate Dems will actually have to vote on something."  

Uh the Senate passed a  bill which extended tax cuts on income under $250,000.   They have voted on a plan B(in contrast to the house which just adjourned).   Also Sen McConnell introduced Obama's full proposal as a bill, then filibustered it.

The question of whether Senate Democrats have voted on something is not a matter of opinion.  In the same column, Rubin asserts that 53 Senate Democrats voted for Boehner's plan B.  This is also false  -- she is claiming that a different bill is essentially the same and IIRC assuming that raising taxes on income over  $1,000,000,000 is the same as raising taxes on income over $250,000.  

But to claim that Senate Democrats have voter for a Boehner's plan B and to hope that they "will actually have to vote on something" in the same column is extraordinary even for  Rubin.

I try not to make predicitons, but I can't help predicting that she will write a column about how Boehner is a fool not mentioning this column about how he is a genius.    He will be in distinguished compay, but, sadly, doesn't own a car elevator or a dancing horse.

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