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Thursday, May 03, 2012

When asked what he would do to get the economy going, Mitt Romney said one should just look at what Obama did and do the opposite (via Steve Benen).

Get down to the policy details. The Mittster just said that he would raise taxes on all US workers, repeal the Lilly Ledbetter act (no the opposite would be to require victims of discrimination to sue more quickly than the Supreme court in its wisdom ordered) reopen the Medicare Plan D doughnut hole, force citizens to pay back 3.5 billion to health insurance companies, take away Scott Brown's daughters health insurance take $ 1,600 from 95% of working families etc. The meaning of "what the president has done" is not ambiguous. Romney is counting on voters not knowing what the President has done, but the President can keep trying to remind us and, each time, ask why Romney wants to do the opposite.

Romney just made a very large number of extremely unpopular policy proposals. I guess that Politifact will rate telling people that his statement logically implies what it logically implies as pants on fire, but who cares ?

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