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Friday, May 25, 2012

2 questions for Steve Benen

1. Why won't www, accept post my comments ? No error message. No response at all when I click the post comment button.

2. I can't doubt that you have tried to communicate with Glenn Kessler and the Politifact team. I don't see how they can argue that they are doing their jobs as they define them after reading these posts. Kessler even averaged ratings and found Romney had about the same average as Obama. Politifact, in contrast rates a much larger fraction of Romney's claims as pants on fire (I think a key difference is that they pants multiple times if a lie is repeated as Romney's tend to be). But, as far as I can tell neither comes close to a fair assessment of Romney's honesty (the interesting question seems to me to be who lied more Romnwy or Nixon -- interesting even though it is clearly that, so far, Romney is lying at a much higher rate).

I guess you talk to them off the record or something and can't repeat what they say, but I just can't imagine it.

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