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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Richard Cohen removes all doubt.

His sole aim in life is to make Duncan Black's head explode. Why else would he write of Rich Perry

"The big lug may not have much of a brain, but he sure has a heart."

Uh Richard, as you should know, it is possible to be stupid and selfish, lazy and vile.
Just look in the mirror.

OK I got that out before my brain splattered on my screen (I thought I might be collateral damage).

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Mike Kimel said...

I used to work in the Bank of America building in San Francisco. (Its the one that's taller than the Pyramid shaped Transamerica building - in one of the Dirty Harry movies an assassin shoots from the top of the B of A building at someone swimming on the roof of the Holiday Inn.)

Anyhow, in front of the building is an enormous black, well, something. Kind of a blob shaped thing. People used to refer to that, er, sculpture, as the "banker's heart."