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Friday, February 04, 2011

What is Bing doing with Google ?

Shane Greenstein provides a very clear explanation and critique.

I comment.

I was interested in finding out what I am telling Microsoft. In options, I don't see an option to not send any information (why am I not surprised).

So I went to

which tells me that if I want to learn about privacy and specific applications, I should click on the list to the right of the page.

This works for Windows Update, Windows Media center and the tell them about errors (Internet explorer communicates with me in Italian). However when I click on the button labled "internet explorer" it sends me right back to

Odd that Microsoft isn't telling me about internet explorer and privacy just now no ?

Just for information, is it possible to use internet explorer without sending microsoft information or was I warned long long ago when I installed it that this was part of the game. Can I use internet explorer without sending them information by re-installing and checking a box that says no ?

I notice that if I turn on the anti-pishing filter then internet explorer warns me that I will send information to Microsoft, and when I turn it off, there is no message -- neither "Now you aren't sending us information" nor "You are still sending us information."

The reader will notice that I am not very web savvy and I am humbly asking for help.


Anonymous said...

You have quite a few choices (in the order of increasing tech-savviness).

(1) Download firefox or google chrome. Get out of internet explorer for good.

(2) Buy or download puppylinux with or without open office. ( Puppy linux is a "linux live cd"). What this means is the operating system is stored in a cd/dvd or a flash drive. Your browsing habits are totally private. Once you switch off the PC, your cookies are lost. When you boot the PC again, you start with a fresh copy of the operating system from the cd/dvd/flash drive.You do not have to install this operating system to your PC. This is the safest way to access your bank account / brokerage account. I have done this transition one year ago and I am extremely happy.

The only problem is getting familiar with open office or Google docs in stead of MS office. But you can always log off, back and forth between MS windows and linux as many times as you want. You use Windows for MS office and linux for everything else.

(3) Buy a netbook with Google chrome or any of the linux Ubuntu versions.

Hope you find this info useful.

Anonymous said...

Switch browsers. Chrome is of course a possibility (I have no experience with it). I've been using Opera happily for more than a dozen years, as well as Firefox for the last 5 or so. Both work very well.

Robert said...

I have internet explorer, Chrome and Firefox. I use whichever's icon is closest to the mouse.

Actually for months this computer only had open office, because I didn't want to pay for windows office.