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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belusconi nei Guai con donne

No not the million or so who protested Sunday and not the one's he invited to his bunba bunga. The ones that will judge him:
Carmen D'Elia, Orsolina De Cristofaro e Giulia Turri

Turns out that various women have been making all sorts of trouble for Sivio.
There is the juvenile court magistrate who ordered the police to send Karmai Al Mahroug to a community making her release to the care of a dental hygenist regional councilor and a prostitute clearly the result of extortion (concussione).

Then, of course, Ilda Boccassini who handled the investigation and will handle the prosecution. And the GIP Judge Cristina Di Censo who just indicted him.

But the new news is that he will be tried by a panel of three women
"The trial is set to begin April 6 before a panel of three female judges."

This shows us how dangerous written exams are. The reason that so many magistrates are women is that entering magistrates are hired (typically right out of university) based on their score on a written exam on the law which is graded anonymously (with a serial number not a name on the exam paper). Therefore women are taking over the Italian Judiciary.

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