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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cyber Country (now with Saunas)

Finland is very prominent in cyberspace. It was the first country (of many I would guess) to surpass the USA in web servers per capita. It gave us (literally) Linux. I might be the only one who remembers the F-Prot virus checker. Now it sends angry birds catapulting over our ramparts.

I've been grading exams. I am supposed to grade many more. I am desperate for any possible way to waste time. So I thought about inventing a country which exists only in cyberspace. I'd give it at least two names and claim that they spoke an incomprehensible language which is why you have never read a book written there (come on admit it) and don't know much of anything about it. I'd claim that Leonid Brezhnev promised to respect human rights when he was there (yeah like that's really likely). Then I'd claim it was in some strange out of the way place like the Antarctic or the Arctic or something.

Hmmmmm. You have to admit it answers a whole lot of nagging questions. Have you ever actually seen Finland ? Do you know anyone who has ?

Do real people sing about toilet paper ?

That's really impressive computer animation for a cybercountry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Damn smart people. I was married to a half Finn and if she had been full Finn she would have ruled the world.
I used to joke with her that if I had stayed home and taken care of the kids and she had the career, we would be sleeping in silk and lighting our cigars with 1000 dollar bills.
Sent the video to my BIL who just might enjoy it. Yes he has been to Finland. And yes his ancestors found a sunnier place to live, Santa Barbara.