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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Great moments in anonymity

at the New York Times magazine are really giving it to the Brits reporting on Britmedia criminality and Met (also known as Scotland Yard) complicity.

They also grant anonymity to two people, one of whom* is lying

The prosecutor was stunned to discover later that the police had not shared everything. “I would have said we need to see how far this goes” and “whether we have a serious problem of criminality on this news desk,” said the former prosecutor, who declined to speak on the record.

Scotland Yard officials ultimately decided the inquiry would stop with Mulcaire and Goodman. “We were not going to set off on a cleanup of the British media,” a senior investigator said. In fact, investigators never questioned any other reporters or editors at News of the World about the hacking, interviews and records show. A police spokesman rejected assertions that officials failed to fully investigate. He said the department had worked closely with prosecutors, who had “full access to all the evidence.”

either "the prosecutor" or "a police spokesman" is lying like a doge (typo but I like it that way). Also, when in the hell did spokesmen get to be anonymous ? The whole point of spokesmen>/strike> persons carbon based organisms is to propagate lies which can't be ascribed to anyone who counts.

How in the F**king name of the NY Times Magazine style guide can "a ... spokesman" be granted anonymity ?

Oh my God this is special "On Aug. 24, 2006, George Galloway, a member of Parliament, was alerted by a detective that his messages had been hacked. Galloway said the detective urged him to change his PIN code. But when Galloway asked who had accessed his phone, the man from Scotland Yard “refused to tell me anything.” "

Uhm I think that a detective needs to have his head checked. One can be f*cking and S*domiz*ing sure that George Galloway is going to tell all. One can not be sure that he will tell all only to reporters who respect the anonymity of "a detective" who talked to a source.

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