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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McConnell has Officially Jumped the Shark

Brad DeLong is amazed that he went too far for Mark Halperin.

I see his Mark Halperin and raise him a Shaillah Murray plus a headline guy (the second is the really impressive one)

Finance bill's unlikely champion?
44 | After attacking bill as ticket to new taxpayer "bailouts," Sen. McConnell strikes different tone.

from the story

"After a week of attacking the pending legislation as a ticket to new taxpayer "bailouts," McConnell is striking a different tone. " OK the quotes around "bailouts" aren't purely exactly scare quotes as McConnell did use the word. However, it is very unusual to use quotation marks in the middle of a paraphrase and very very unusual to use them in a paraphrase in a headline. They are not just normal quotes but also scare quotes and if I were McConnell, I'd be scared.

McConnell has officially jumped the shark.

The Leopard doesn't lose its spots and Murray wrote "Unlike with the health-care reform bill, which McConnell sought to kill outright, the Republican leader is not calling for Democrats to return to the drawing board." This is true, the following sentence would also be true "Unlike last week, when he sought to kill the bill outright, this week McConnell is not calling for Democrats to return to the drawing board."

that would explain the headline of this Halperin article
"McConnell: "Back to the Drawing Board""

and how about this

Those articles reported that McConnell was refusing to consider the compromise which he is now considering. Murray gives it the old college try sending the day before yesterday's news down the memory hole. The memory hole is now known as "the google cache."

Of course I googled

I got

News results for mcconnell "drawing board" financial 44: McConnell softens tone on finance regulation bill‎ - 2 hours ago

And McConnell conceded, after being chastised by no less than President Obama in his ... leader is not calling for Democrats to return to the drawing board. ...
Washington Post - 66 related articles »

GOP leader: Take bank reform back to drawing board‎

Now that's quite a flip flop.

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