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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diplomacy Desperately Needed

47 nations agreed on measures to reduce the risk that terrorists might get their hands on highly enriched Uranium. So what that's easy. A really difficult task would be to end the feud, now approaching open battle, between the Washington Post News and Opinion pages. headlines


On world stage, Obama at eas as seminar leader

President secures 47 nation pact


Obama shows some of the world's greatest dictators how to circumvent a free press.

Obama snubs an ally

The News articles report that the 47 nation agreement really only includes firm commitments from Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Canada
which "agreed to dispose of hundreds of pounds of highly enriched uranium used in civilian facilities." Ho hum. US and Vietnam in perfect agreement. Nothing to see here.

They also include exstatic praise (I mean mancrush level) from diplomats from the UK (special relationship and all that) and France (Zut Alors !). Oh and even more star struck praise from a European diplomat who demanded anonymity (presumably to avoid alarming his or her spouse).

I forgot to mention "Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai, speaking to reporters in Washington on Tuesday night, said that while China prefers a diplomatic solution, it is "open to ideas" on how to deal with Iran."

OK he's just the vice foreign minister, but this is a bit of a change.

On the other hand the pundits note that Obama did not invite the press to attend the actual international negotiation (since no one ever has before I don't see why that is controversial) and that the President of Georgia wasn't one of the 12 or 15 heads of state with whom Obama talked one to one (the two news articles have different numbers). What a slacker only 12 (or 15).

Is there any way to get Washington Post opinion writers to stop ignoring the reporters -- oh and reality, it would be nice if they cared about reality.
Still baby steps.

I propose a collection so they can subscribe to the Washington Post.

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