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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Washington Post Headline Writer part this is getting ridiculous

From "Senate advances job-creation bill with GOP help"

The headline suggests that, this time, Republicans weren't obstructionist.

In fact most Republican senators tried to kill the bill with a filibuster : "Five Republicans, including new Sen. Scott P. Brown (Mass.), joined 57 Democrats in voting to break a filibuster of the jobs bill,".

So let's see. This bill is principally a tax cut. Cutting a tax paid by employers. In a way designed to give them an incentive to hire. The logic is based on incentives not Kaynesian demand boosting by increasing the deficit. This is exactly the sort of proposal that is most glorified in the Republican world view. Also it addresses a huge and pressing problem.

And most of them not only vote against it, but also use the extreme tool of the filibuster to fight it.

Republicans use an extreme technique to fight a proposal which they would support if they cared about policy at all.

But that's not news. The news is that not quite all Republicans are willing to abandon everything they ever stood for in the cause of partisan obstruction.

Just kill me.

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