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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Firepup Follies

Firedoglake has emerged as a reasonably important force on the left wing of the Democratic party. Sure it's not dailykos, but it is much more reliably lefty.

Jane Hamsher et al are active activists and really believe in a democratic organization of Firedoglake. They have a reader poll to elect Firedogs (to fight the bluedogs). These would be congressmen whose re-election campaigns are actively supported by Firedoglakes.

Being transparent as well as democratic, they have the front runnders after the first day of voting up up. I see
Vote for 2010 FDL Fire Dogs

It’s going to be a tough election year in 2010. Which members of Congress should we help?

Early Front-runners in Voting

Eric J. Massa (NY-29)
Michael E. Capuano (MA-08)
Lloyd Doggett (TX-25)
Raul Grijalva (AZ-07)
Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)

I know the beta Firedog Michael Capuano. He is my representative in Congress. Every two years I get a general election ballot which gives me a choice between Michael Capuano or I can write a name in.

IIRC the Republicans haven't run a candidate in MA-08 since Michael Capuano has been in office (nor did they ever run one against his predecessor although way back in the msits of time some Republican ran against Tip O'Neil.

This year will not be a tough year for Michael Capuano. There is no point in donating to his campaign. He doesn't have to campaign. He represent Ma-08.

I think the vote shows the Firepup approach to politics. It has nothing to do with actually influincing policy outcomes. It is a matter of expressing personal preferences.

Hamsher explains the idea *again*

It’s 3pm and as promised, here are the first day vote tallies to determine which members of Congress become FDL Fire Dogs, and receive community fundraising and GOTV support in 2010.

See its not "which congressperson do you like best ?" nor "with which congressman's public statements do you agree with most ?"

It is where should we direct our scarce resourses.

I'd say rule number one is that Firedoglake should try to defeat Republican candidates and not waste resources on elections where there is no Republican candidate.

Note I am criticizing Firepups, that is, Firedoglake readers who do something more than just read. I thought the election of Firedogs was a good idea (which shows what I know). I am in no position to criticize the actual Firedogs such as Alpha Firedog Hamsher on this one.

But come on firepups political strategy and self expression are not the same thing.

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