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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rational Vaccine Design

An essential stage in the immune response is internization processing and presentation of antigens by antigen presenting cells principally dendritic cells (DCs) . I think it would be reasonable to try vaccinating with hybrid proteins consisting of the antigen to which one wants an immune response and antibodies which bind DC surface proteins which are specific to dendritic cells and which are internalized.

It appears that CD1-a is the desired surface protein. It appears to be internalized according to a "processing pathway" and is specific enough to dendritic cells to be used to count them.

First Claim here.

Second claim in this paper published, get this, February 2009 ! (webpublished December 4).

Now being stuck to the antibody might be a problem. In that case there is an easy solution. If the antigen to which one wants an immune response is linked to the antibody by a linker which hydrolizes in low pH (as in lysosomes) then the antigen will internalize and be released. That's for if rational vaccine 1 doesn't work.

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