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Friday, July 04, 2008

"Krueg Intentions" and the "Heathers"

Krueg adj. Characteristic of statements which are both unacceptably crude and direct *and* unacceptably cruel and harsh for the MSM.

word apparently derived from two feeble attempts at a pun and an effort to reproduce the first syllable of Krugman in English (krug no kruge no krughe maybe but I wouldn't want people to think it means being too tough on gheckos).


Elvis Presley crooning "Don't be Krueg" to his dietologist.

Paul Krugman writing

"Now we know what a McCain administration would represent: namely, a third term for Karl Rove."

Ouch That's gotta leave a mark.

On the other hand

Hostages to Fortune

Newspaper columns are published with a lag. Paul Krugman is smart enough that this isn't usually much of a problem for him, since he is typically one to four years ahead of other commentators.

However, the excitement of the election campaign led him to make an almost prediction about his semi colleagues in the press

Furthermore, my sense, though it’s hard to prove, is that the press is feeling a bit ashamed about the way it piled on General Clark. If so, news organizations may think twice before buying into the next fake scandal.

If so, the campaign has just taken a major turn in Mr. Obama’s favor. After all, if this campaign isn’t dominated by faux outrage over fake scandals, it will have to be about things that really did happen,

Published on the 4th of July 2008. A day in which Obama held a press conference (which I didn't watch) causing Matt Yglesias to write

The Catch-22

03 Jul 2008 05:57 pm

I caught Obama's Iraq press conference, and I have to say that the media really earned itself an invitation to John McCain's next BBQ with their performance. Basically, unless Obama comes out and says something like "I'm a totally unreasonable person whose views on Iraq will in no way be influenced by anyone's advice or any possible factual developments" he's now a flip-flopper. Meanwhile, John McCain's views on Iraq receive no scrutiny whatsoever.

For the sake of the US (and the world) I hope Paul Krugman's prediction isn't refuted again tomorrow.

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