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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is the Overton Window of Vulnerability closing ?

For the past 6 years and 312 days (including Feb 29 2008) the US Constitution has been vulnerable to the risk of becoming just the skins of 3 dead sheep. This is due to the expansion of the Overton window to the point where ignoring it completely has become one extreme and taking it seriously the other, while moderates debate how many memos can stomp on the head of an amendment.

While no-one informed the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals it seems to me that the constitutions Overton window of vulnerability is about to close.

(hey did you click that last link. That's about the most pathetic wikipedia entry I've ever found. Back when I was 20, the window of vulnerability was all the rage among policy wonks. I bet you kids didn't even get the joke in my title. I feel old).

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