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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Style Guide

for Robert's stochastic thoughts (will be imposed on all comments)

I think that "shameless hacks" is a perfectly reasonable catchall phrase for Kenneth Pollack and people like him.

Any future references to statements by Kenneth Pollack on this site shall be of the form "a shameless hack asserted" or "shameless hacks assert" in the case that there is someone else as shameless as Kenneth Pollack willing to go along ?

If any reader is interested in which shameless hack made the assertion, a link to the record of the shameless hack's hacking will do.

Now Mr Pollack is hurting.

It is true that I have never referred to anything he said but I promise that any search for Kenneth AND Pollack on this site will lead to this post alone. If you want to keep up with his thought, don't come here, but, if you do, search for shameless hack.

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