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Saturday, April 05, 2008

John Yoo's Ethnicity

I thought that "Yoo" was a Chinese name. Still I was sure that John Yoo is (at least) partly Korean (he has a typically Korean jawline -- well I mean so does Shwarzenegger but in Asia it is typically Korean).

So I go to Wikipedia to check and find "John Choon Yoo (born 1967 in Seoul)." Ah so he is Korean (by place of birth not necessarily 100% of his ethnicity).

Does confirm I can recognize a Korean face. I think it is fairly unusual for a Korean to not use his or her second name (Choon) and the h in John strikes me as a bit eccentric of his parents in Seoul in 1967.

Also the bastard is younger than I am, and he destroyed the US Constitution years and years ago.

I hate growing old.


Anonymous said...

Why "John" make you think it is "eccentric of his parents"? Maybe his parents believe in the so-called American Dream, and want John to have an Anglo name so he can a part of it?!

While I do not like what John Yoo did, I always expect better argument from you. (

Robert said...

I value eccentricity and use eccentric as a term of praise.