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Friday, February 29, 2008

Slipping Through Our Fingers

Don't tell the editors, but look who is taking care of things in Iraq

U.S. military officials and commanders say they are seeking to defuse the rising tensions before hard-won U.S. gains are jeopardized. "Despite some of the frustrations, the frictions and the attacks on the Sons of Iraq, they are continuing to volunteer. As an interim solution, it seems to be working well," said Col. Bill Buckner, a senior U.S. military spokesman. "It's clear Iraq remains a fragile security environment. We want to address many of their concerns as best as we can, so that they continue to be part of the solution to the security situation in Iraq."

Oh my *the* Bill Buckner was "born in Vallejo, California, United States."

1 comment:

The Editors said...

This can only end well. Provided the insurgency doesn't have anyone named Mookie.