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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Youthful Over Optimism Watch -- Matthew Yglesias

Um, seriously, the Clinton administration is attacking Barack Obama based on an essay he wrote in kindergarden.


UPDATE: That'd be the "Clinton campaign" -- it's not an administration yet!

This is actually good for Obama as it shows he was a loyal American when attending his Mosque affiliated kindergarten (or Madrassa if you are a Republican). Don't you think it says something if his oppo researchers can't find any slips he made after first grade*. He's so young that his first grade teacher is probably still at work. Wildly overambitious parents who want their sons to be President are probably desperately looking for that Christian elementary school in Indonesia (can't be too hard there aren't many of them).

I recently made a fool of myself claiming that super young Ezra Klein is over optimistic, since Democrats have campaigned competently in over 5 % of his lifetime.
The optimism was due to a co-blogger.

So I decided to pick on Matthew Yglesias (who recently actually linked to me but, being twice his age, I won't act like a flustered groupie and mention 3 times in two posts that Matthew Yglesias linked to me)

Also he claims that animals are joining the mighty progressive coalition

Now that is what I call a scab.

* yes I know he slipped again in third grade, but I want his fourth grade teacher for my Daughters so I tried to throw the other insanely ambitious parents off the scent.

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