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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Talking Points Memo posts a nonsense containing story from the Associated Press AGAIN

This one is even worse than the one I quoted below. It includes

Republican support could hinge on Petraeus' testimony next week. If he can convince lawmakers that the security gains won in recent months are substantial and point toward a bigger trend, GOP members might be willing to hold out until next spring. They also might be persuaded if Bush promises some small troop drawdowns by the end of the year, as was suggested to the White House by Sen. John Warner of Virginia, an influential Republican on security matters.

so MATTHEW LEE and ANNE GEARAN of AP news and posted on Talking Points Memo claim in their own voices, that security gains have been won in recent months and that the only question is if they are substantial and will last. They do not say exactly what those alleged security gains are supposed to be, nor can they, as the AP's own analysis shows no such gains.

I am not used to denouncing posts on Talking Points Memo and I don't like it. Why doesn't Josh Marshall just link to the AP so TPM is not tainted with the AP's vastly inferior journalistic standards ?

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