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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Feeding Matt's Trolls

It's refreshing to see lefties finally acknowledging that sectarian deaths are down (as are suicude bombings).

It's too much to expect you to admit why. But your bs won't wash.

No sooner was al Qaeda driven out of Anbar that Anbar became more peaceful. No sooner was al Qaeda driven out of Baghdad that Baghdad became more peaceful. No sooner was al Qaeda driven out of the Baghdad rings that they became more peaceful. Don't expect lefties to give credit where it is due.

So try explaining that the war which lefties claimed was lost is now being won.

Incidentally if Iraqi refugees are now 2 million this is less than half what they were when Saddam was in power.

Posted by Terry Gain | September 18, 2007 5:18 PM

The there's no one left to kill

dog won't hunt. Try this:

It was the Democratic Party threat of withdrawal that caused the Iraqi government to finally get their act together and end the civl war.

(Curiously they did it without meeting benchmarks)

Sectarian deaths are definitely not down. On August 14 there were over five hundred. MNF-I chose not to count them for unexplained reasons. One might argue that the horror of August 14 was an outlier and not useful for assessing trends, but no half way honest person who reads the papers can claim that sectarian deaths are down.

Also, and more importantly , according to all independent sources the rate of total civilian deaths have not declined.

Also no one honest or otherwise claimed that al Qaeda in Iraq ever was responsible for most sectarian killings in Baghdad [hint they kill Shi'ites and most of the dead were Sunni]

The decline in violence in al Anbar followed a US decision to give money to the people who used to kill our soldiers. No serious observer ever claimed that most US deaths were the work of al Qaeda. Our soldiers were killed by the people to whom we are paying protection money and the progress is that they a e willing to take our money.

Thomas Jefferson "Millions for defence but not one cent for tribute"

George Bush "Trillions for defence plus millions for tribute"

Makes me so proud. Couldn't stand the humiliation of getting the hell out of there instead of paying our enemies not to kill us.

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