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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Washington Post gets Reyes' Syndrome

U.S., British Troops Battle Shiite Militiamen in East
Forces Push Into Insurgent Areas Around Baghdad

By John Ward Anderson and Joshua Partlow
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, June 19, 2007; 6:14 AM

BAGHDAD, June 19 -- U.S. troops backed by helicopters and Bradley Fighting Vehicles launched a major offensive Tuesday to clear the Sunni extremist group al-Qaeda in Iraq from its new stronghold in Diyala Province north of the capital, the U.S. military said in a statement.

There is also an impressive contribution to the blame al Qaeda for everything effort with a claim that al Qaeda is bombing Sunni sites supported by evidence such as ...
normal background noises crickets chirping, car bombs exploding.

Although it has killed numerous al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders and members, the U.S. has had limited success in previous efforts to crush the group. The group is thought to have perhaps several thousand members, most of them extremist Sunni Arabs from foreign countries. It has kept violence in Iraq boiling with indiscriminate attacks against Shiite and Sunni targets, seeking to foment sectarian bloodshed and push Iraq towards civil war. U.S. officials believe al-Qaeda in Iraq is the main sponsor of suicide bombings in the country

and simultaneously a new step in the blame Iran campaign with the discovery of Iraqis who are sort of Iranian

"'American intelligence reports indicate that "Iranian surrogates, or Iraqis that are liaisons for Iranian intelligence operatives into Iraq,'"

so now there is no need to arrest Iranian diplomats to prove that Iran is to blame. Iraqi's making IEDs in Iraq are proof enough.

Please, someone tell me that my computer is infected with a virus which redirects me to The Onion when I type I can't take it any more.

update: Headline corrected to "U.S. Forces Target Insurgent Stronghold" by 7:28 AM EST

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