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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm with Matthew Yglesias and Karen Tumulty on this.

Tumulty wrote

campaigns should not be allowed to distribute things on a NOT FOR ATTRIBUTION basis. Both NOT FOR ATTRIBUTION and OFF THE RECORD (and their cousins, BACKGROUND and DEEP BACKGROUND) are understandings that are agreed to mutually by a source and a reporter. What I've noticed about this cycle is that campaigns (and not just Obama's) are falling into a bad and sloppy habit of sending out mass hit pieces by e-mail and demanding anonymity. As far as I am concerned, unless I have agreed in advance to accept a specific piece of material from a source on a limited or not for attribution basis, these unilateral declarations of anonymity mean nothing.

So be warned.

I'm sure that, in the future, I will never ever receive a "not for attribution" hit piece from a campaign, but I am willing to courageously make that sacrifice and not just because no campaign has ever heard of me. Really (I think).

Also I will not ever wiretap your phone without a warrent and I'm not reading your e-mail. Plus I'm not clubbing baby seals or wasting gas speeding in a Ferrari.

God I'm so virtuous that the only thing keeping me from kissing myself on the lips is a severe shortage of lips (don't draw any inference about a lack of leaks, taps and passwords which might help me keep my promises).

p.s. I mean I have two more or less normal lips. don't get grossed out.


Anonymous said...

Terrific posts but I do hate hate hate either this bog format or my several computers which do all sorts of terrible things in getting to your blog and especially to comments for which I am not willing to be mollified so there and notice the lack of commas just to show I am annoyed.

Who was the Harvard philosopher who never used punctuation, whose lack of punctuation I discovered at the dread Houghton whose rules I never could follw and still cannot? I must remember.


Anonymous said...

Again how fine these posts are and you are lucky I rescued a fledgling mockingbird this morning and am feeding her blue berries, stuffing them in, or I would furth complain about you making my computer crash.

I was so worried about the little mocker, but she is perky as can be now.