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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shopping in Dulles Airport.

Dulles IAD is one of the airports where 9/11 highjackers boarded planes. Just when you enter terminal C there is a USA memorobilia shop. I don't recall it before 2001. For a while it was chock full of generic patriotism. Recently they have begun to offer a new line of wares. For example a mug with

tank of gas
Prescription refill
War in Iraq
New President in 2009

and the logo of "Disaster Card"

Or a t-shirt with Bush 'til 2009!
and Edvard Munch's "Scream"

Sad to say all sizes but S and XXl were sold out.

At the cash register I was briefly tempted to buy grossly overpriced mints
labled "National Embarassmints" with Bush's photo on the container.

Also cool the very efficient and courteous sales clerk managed to be very efficient and courteous while speaking Amharic on a cell phone. Listeing, I thought it was Arabic and he seemed happy to explain that they were languages from nearby countries.

As promised, the store left me filled with patriotic pride.

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