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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Jose Padilla [snip] believes the government is persecuting him, "but this does not appear to be delusional," wrote one of doctors who examined the alleged al Qaeda operative in a Miami prison cell at his lawyers' request."

the globe via TPM

Sounds sane to me. If Jose Padilla believed that the government is not persecuting him, a case could be made that he is insane. Since he has correctly inferred that the US government is persecuting him, he seems sane and will have to stand trial.

Of course, since it will be a real trial in which evidence obtained via torture is not admissible he might be acquitted.

And no I do not believe my assertion about torture is hyperbole, metaphor or exageration. I do believe that the US government held a US citizen without trial based on "evidence" given by an insane person (Zubaida) while he was being tortured.

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