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Monday, December 11, 2006

Senator Joe Biden displays impressive ignorance "Badr Brigade, which is the Iranian-trained outfit that works for the -- that's the Shia outfit with the Dawa (inaudible) party." The Badr brigade is, of course, with the supreme council for Islamic revolution in Iraq, not Dawa (the call).

Not quite like claiming that al Qaida is Shi'ite but very impressive. My favorite coment on Joe "not bright" Biden cam way back in the time of Iran Contra. Someone said the scandal hurt Biden's chances in 88 because it made it less fashionable to be dumb.

We all remember how Senator "not bright" got that nickname ? Has to do with Dukakis having a spot of bother about "tirare il Sasso e nascondere la mano." Anyone curious can ask in comments.

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