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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Following Mark Kleiman

Careful readers of this space will remember Portmantomes, a great literary innovation designed to economize on reading time by combining two books into one, the more disparate the better. The concept was pioneered by Chronogram, whose readers came up with such not-to-be missed volumes as:

No Exit Voice and Loyalty

Valley of the Doll's House

Invisible Man for All Seasons

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Superman

The Little Prince and the Pauper

Long Day's Journey Into Night Flight

Long Day's Journey Into Night of the Living Dead

Jules and Lord Jim

A Streetcar Named Desire Under the Elms

Eat's, Shoots, and Leaves of Grass

The Curious incident of the Dog in the Night Time and the River

Guerillas in the Mist

A Book of Common Prayer for Owen Meany

L'Histoire d'O Henry

The Divine Commedy in Three Acts

The Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man for all Seasons

Pilgrims Progress Coexistance and Intellectual Freedom

Emma Bovary

The Return of the King of Hearts

The Martian Chronicles of Narnia

The Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

The Stranger in a Strange Land

A Doll's House on the Prarie

The Black Swan's Lake

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