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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Compromise Reached at

Senate Deals Setback to Bush on Patriot Act
Proposal to extend expiring provisions enacted in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks is blocked by the Senate in a 52-47 vote.
– Charles Babington
• Post's Vandehei | Congress Votes Database
• Analysis: Sen. McCain Leads in Awkward Dance
• OPINION: Froomkin on McCain v. Cheney

As per the request of the PRint Post, Froomkin's column is clearly marked opinion. This distinguishes it from the "analysis" by Peter Baker.

This makes it easy for non cognoscenti to learn the difference between analysis which is ok for reporters and opinion which is not. For example, in opinion you can write that the president is lying, but in analysis you have to write that "most everywhere in Washington outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" thinks the President was lying when he claims that a defeat is a victory. I guess one might imagine someone who wasn't sure that Mr Baker counts himself among "most everyone."

As punishment for being liberal and being thought to be a Post White House reporter by Patrick Ruffini and a liberal to be named later, Froomkin gets moved from the lower left hand corner of the web page where to see his name you have to scroll (or buy a huge monitor) up to front and center.

Now if I were Jim Brady I would have thrown a hissy fit and stood on principle. Brady, being a wimp, just makes the people who attacked Froomkin wish they had never mentioned his name. Kudos.

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