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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Will Karl always be allowed to Rove ?

The Washington Post seems to me to be saying "wink wink a nod is as good as a nudge to a blind bat" that everyone knows that Karl Rove committed perjury, but the Post is a responsible journal so their position is that only TIME will tell.

"Time Inc. argued last week to Hogan that Fitzgerald may have evidence that an official perjured himself during the investigation,"

Who could that official be ? No denials of the claim that Cooper's source is Rove in person. I find one last point a further hint.

Compare Somerby's correction of Drum

UPDATE: Via email, Bob Somerby points out that Rove's lawyer told Michael Isikoff that Rove "signed a waiver authorizing reporters to testify about their conversations with him." I missed that. If anything, though, it makes the whole situation even weirder.

with the Fitzgerald's extreme amazement and irritation

In his filings yesterday, Fitzgerald used strong language to complain about the reporters' professed goal of protecting their sources. It would be "pointless" for Cooper to go to jail, he said, because Time effectively identified the source whom Fitzgerald is interested in when it turned over Cooper's notes and e-mails. Cooper's source has also waived Cooper's promise of confidentiality.

Likewise, Fitzgerald has repeatedly said he already knows the identity of Miller's source and that person has relieved Miller of her duty to protect the source's anonymity.

Now many White House Officials have waived anonymity, so this adds little. Still it looks like maybe maybe Rove might be doing the perp walk. Can't hurt to dream.

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