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Friday, July 15, 2005

Out Luskining Luskin ?

Today I read in the NY Times (and the WaPo) that Rove was Novak's second source.

The source of this information is a lawyer who is trying to help Rove "The person discussed the matter in the belief that Mr. Rove was truthful in saying that he had not disclosed Ms. Wilson's identity."

I strongly suspect that Robert Luskin has out done himself. That he is the lawyer who leaked this devastating information.

The idea seems to be to stress that Novak already knew about Plame from his first source (cough cough scooter) and that, therefore, Rove did indeed learn about Plame from Novak (honestly lying when he told Novak that he had heard about it already).

Rove discussed Plame with Novak on July 8 2003. Rove says he learned Plame's name from Novak. Rove says he didn't know Plame's name on July 11 2003 ... well actually he said that he didn't know her name, but he didn't say that he didn't know her name in July 2003. It would be well up to Rove's highest standard of honesty, if what he meant was that he didn't know her name on July 11 1993 say.

From The New York Times

The person who has been briefed on the matter said Mr. Rove neither knew Ms. Wilson's name nor that she was a covert officer.

[big snip]

Mr. Novak began his conversation with Mr. Rove by asking about the promotion of Frances Fragos Townsend [snip]

Mr. Novak then turned to the subject of Ms. Wilson, identifying her by name, the person said.

The person who said that Novak told Rove Plame's name is the same person who said Rove didn't know her name. This is relevant only if Rove didn't know her name when talking to reporters including Cooper on the 11th as well as Novak on the 8th. The person in question is contradicting himself unless he is using strangely narrow referents for words (in this case didn't know means didn't know until July 8th not didn't know until it became public).

I find it really really hard to doubt that "the person" is not named Robert Luskin. I mean the weird use of language is not a unique identifier like say "Joe Wilson's wife" but it is damn close.

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