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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Un'inchiesta del Sole-24 ore e del Financial Times svela
la "pista italiana" seguita dagli ispettori delle Nazioni Unite
Lo scandalo 'Oil for food' in Iraq: l'Onu indaga su Formigoni

It is suspected that Roberto Formigoni, the conservative and extremely catholic governor of Lombardi, received large gifts from Saddam Hussein in the form of rights to purchase Iraqi oil under the oil for food program. This should come as a shock to almost everyone except for the e 200 or so who have ever read fantapolitica (my other blog). On May 31st 2004 I reported my suspicion that Formigoni had received such a gift based on, get this, information got from a newspaper associated with Ahmed Chalabi in fantapolitica

Was I 8 months ahead of UN investigators ?

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