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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Never say never.

Josh Marshall argues cogently and eloquently as always that the Democrats should not present a plan for shoring up Social Security "There seems little doubt that it doesn't pass the political test. As long as the president is floundering in a debate that is almost entirely confined to his own party, what sense is there for Democrats to throw him a lifeline, especially when the president has all the force of the executive and the legislative arrayed on his side?"

Very well argued but I disagree. I think there is a plan for shoring up social security so excellent as public policy and so popular as populist politics that it should be irresistable. The proposal is to keep pèromised benefits exactly as they are and to eliminate the payroll tax ceiling. I think it is clear that anyone who denounces the Presidents tax cuts for the rich (for example Josh Marshall) should consider this good policy. As to politics look at the polls quoted below.

Let me attempt a Marshallian metaphor. Generally in the boxing ring, if your opponent is beating himself silly you should leave him alone. However, very occasionally you opponent leaves his head wide open while pounding his own kidneys. In such cases it is simple charity to knock him out and get it over with.

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