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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

He who is first shall later be last part II

I get 1 gigabyte of free storage at, 100 mb at yahoo, unlimited at photodump, but my thoughts are important not like just any conversation between al Qaeda terrorists

Erich Lichtblau reports in the NewYork Times
"The investigation blamed in part the F.B.I.'s computer systems, long derided by Congressional critics as antiquated and unwieldy. The investigation found that limited storage capacities in the system meant that older audio recordings had sometimes been deleted automatically to make room for newer material, even if the recordings had not yet been translated."

Needless to say the fact that the FBI is overwhelmed doesn't mean it isn't crucial to repeal the 4th amendment so they can tape more. Philip Chenon and Carl Hulse report

"The House Republican bill, which was introduced last week, would grant fewer powers to a national intelligence director and would provide law enforcement agencies with powers that the Sept. 11 commission did not specifically recommend, including new authority to deport immigrants and to conduct electronic surveillance of terrorist suspects.

The House bill has been criticized by civil liberties groups, by members of the Sept. 11 commission and by Democrats. The Democrats say that by introducing a bill so different from the Senate version and including many contentious law enforcement provisions not sought by the commission, House Republican leaders may be trying to derail final agreement on any legislation to respond to the panel's findings."

The House Republicans certainly don't seem willing to shell out enough money to buy the FBI a semi decent computer system. It is clear to me that they are interested in counter terrorism measures *only* if they are unacceptable to civil libertarians, that is, they are playing politics with your safety.

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