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Thursday, September 16, 2004

AFM 35-13 2-10

Gerald A. Lechliter answers Mark Kleiman's question see
ordered Bush to “comply with
para[graph] 2-10, AFM 35-13";108 paragraph 2-28, AFM 35-13, says the
following: “The officer suspended will acknowledge in writing that
he has received the orders indicating the time and date of receipt
according to paragraph 2-10b.”

It appears that Bush diobeyed this order, but it does seem like a very minor issue.

More interestingly, Lechliter argues that the records of Bush's alleged service after May 1972 are fraudulent. The reason is that Bush is credited with attending drills (UTA) in Alabama not individual makeup duty and the dates do not correspond to dates of drills of the 187th. Also
the record includes an alleged form 190 dated May 26 1973. The F190 was no longer in use on May 26 1973 and the form contains a clearly false statement.

"There was also a glaring error on the obsolete F190 from May 26, 1973: It
showed Bush’s “Aero[nautical] Rating” as “Plt On-fly,” although he
had been grounded since August 1, 1972.64 This error, together with
the obsolescence of the form since October 1, 1972, makes the
authenticity of this particular F190 suspect."

One of the documents is a fax sent in 1995. This is very odd for something which is supposed to be an official record dating from the early 70s.

CBS News has been rightly denounced for going public with documents that were clearly forged. When the White House released Bush's alleged ANG records, they did the same thing. The records are clearly fraudulent.

This is wonderful numerologically

on page 24 Lechliter is discussing Bush's transfer from the TANG to the ARPC

"Such a transfer is
governed, however, by specific criteria in Table 12-1 of this
chapter, and the only criterion that applied to Bush, a member of
the ANG, is Rule 8 which says the member “does not possess the
required military qualifications for his grade or specialty; or he
does not meet the mental, moral, professional or physical standards
of the Air Force (see note 4).”"

So did Bush get a Rule 8 transfer? Given his performance as commander in chief a section 8 discharge would have been more appropriate but it seems to amount to the same thing.

However, sad to say, "In the alternative, moving from the area of assignment also
qualified a member for a discharge from ANGUS and assignment to ARPC"
oh well.

This is good "It clearly and convincingly demonstrates intent to defraud the government both
on Bush’s part and those in the TXANG who approved the payments."
That is, not only did Bush dodge the draft and blow off his obligation to fly in exchange for $ 1,000,000 in training but he also cheated the US government out of a few extra bucks.

People really should read
"President George W. Bush’s Military Service: A Critical Analysis"
© 2004
Gerald A. Lechliter

Which is, by the way, the most boring document I have ever read.

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