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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Matthew Yglesias writes a parody of what he considers to be Joe Katzman’s condescending tone, snap psychoanalysis of people with whom he disagrees and unwillingness to confront their arguments

Joe Katzman challenges Mathew Yglesias to find 5 examples. Yglesias claims to already have one in the very post which replies in kind to Yglesias’ parody of Katzman. Not a sharp way to undermine Yglesias’ claim.

Matt, here's a proposal. Go through all my stuff on Armed Liberal and Winds of Change. Find me five posts with condescending tone. Find five posts where I psychoanalyze you or any of the liberal Democrats (or even wacky leftists) with whom I disagree. Email me the cites. If we disagree, I'll let Kevin or Brian Linse act as a referee. Find five, I'll send you a nice crisp $100.00 bill. I'll bet I can easily find ten quotes like that from you. I'll even give you 2-1 odds; I'll only ask for $50.00 if I do. Are you in?

Notice the offer changes in mid paragraph from a one way offer of a nice crisp $100.00 bill to a bet. I think it is clear that Yglesias can accept the first challenge (find 5 for $100) and not the second (do you want to pay me $50.00 if I find 10). I mean nothing legally binding here but insta welshing is still welshing.

Notice the broad rules. Snearing at wacky leftists counts. No restriction on the nationality of the leftists either. Finally no rule that Yglesias has to find the 5 cases on his own.

I decided to search winds of war (which I have never read) for the word smug. Many hits. Some seem to fit the very broad conditions of the challenge. Here are 6 for a total of 7 including the self-referential post containing the challenge. I kept at it for 5 more minutes after finding 4 because I am not sure how many count. One, for example, appears to be a guest post for which Katzman might have grounds to consider himself not responsible.

Tom Brokaw (noted lefty) is a class snitch. Thinks offended Iraqi nationalism might be a problem. What a wimp fool. Katsman is quoting but also clearly endorsing the view.

The mask slips from the “antiwar” movement in Washington. Notice the whole movement is responsible for each sign.

France and Germany are the Axis of Weasels (beyond psychoanalysis). Bush shares none of the responsibility for tension in the UN and NATO. Arguably, of course, this is not covered since Shroeder and especially Chirac certainly aren’t wacky leftists.

“The Evil that Was France” headline says it all. Seems to be a guest submission though
yes Virginia there is an UN investigation coming

Sneering at people with whom you disagree is about par for the course in Blogs. However betting $100 that you don’t is not smart.

I think Katzman ought to pay up. He can probably get $50.00 back.

I stress that Matthew Yglesias does not know who I am, did not in any way encourage me to do this and is not sharing the money with me.

As noted above I had never seen winds of war before getting interested in the challenge. It seems, to me, to be a really excellent source of news and commentary and I expect to be back often. Also I plan to check out armed liberal.

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