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Saturday, September 27, 2003

From Ansa
Giovanni Kessler capogruppo of the DS in the commission Telekom Serbia notes that Trantino told the commission that the anonymous letter accusing Paoletti arrived 8 January 2003. The letter was mailed 5 December 2002 and the Italian mail is not as slow as it once was. In an interview with Il Foglio Trantino says that the letter arrived a month before Paoletti testified (soon after it was mailed). This means that he lied to the commission which he presides.
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“Quando arriva il primo anonimo con oltre un mese di ritardo (e questa la prova che non c’era regia, perché avremmo avuto invece notizia immediata) convochiamo Fabrizio Paletti…” (Trantino quoted in Il Foglio)

Comunico che la Commissione ha acquisito i seguenti atti segreti: …uno scritto anonimo, con allegato, pervenuto in data 8 gennaio 2003.

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click on resoconti
click on Gen 2003 in the calender to the left
click on the first appearance of stenografico (refers to Seduta antimeridiana di gioved? 9 gennaio 2003)
search for anonimo or segreti or scroll down to line 14 of the Comunicazioni del presidente .

Comunico che la Commissione ha acquisito i seguenti atti segreti: documentazione, trasmessa da Telecom Italia con lettera pervenuta in data 7 gennaio 2003, concernente il riparto tra OTE e Telecom Italia dei costi sostenuti per l'acquisto di Telekom-Serbia; tabulati, trasmessi da TIM con lettera pervenuta in data 8 gennaio 2003, delle chiamate telefoniche in partenza e in arrivo sul telefono cellulare concesso in uso da Telecom Italia al signor Gianfrancesco Vitali; uno scritto anonimo, con allegato, pervenuto in data 8 gennaio 2003.

Here Trantino acting as the president of the commission clearly claims that an anonymous letter arrived the 8th of January 2003. There is no support for this claim as no such anonymous letter has ever been presented to anyone. In contrast an anonymous letter accusing Paoletti was mailed December 5 2002. In his interview with Il Foglio, Trantino says that Paoletti was summoned after a delay of one month. The statement made Sept 2003 to Il Foglio appears to be a confession that the statement made 9 January 2003 to the commission in the capacity of president of the commission was false.

This confirms the accusation made by Giovanni Kessler cited by ANSA

''Eppure - dice Kessler - nel verbale della riunione della commissione del 9 gennaio si dice che la lettera anonima in commissione era arrivata il giorno prima, vale a dire l'8. Invece il timbro postale apposto sulla lettera anonima risale al giorno 5 dicembre,

It appears the the onorevole presidente Enzo Trantino lies not only to journalists but also to the commission which he presides in his official communication as president. L’onorevole presidente Trantino does not risk prison for actions clearly taken in his capacity as a legislator and necessarily protected from judicial investigation by parliamentary immunity required (in such cases at least) to protect the separation of powers.

I think it is clear that, were it not for such immunity, he would be guilty of the crime of suborning perjury. It is odd that the question of whether he should be removed as president of the committee is still debated. To me it is clear that he is a criminal and, but for the necessary principal that judges must not judge the action of legislators acting as legislators, he should be sent to jail for his efforts to assist a criminal design based on perjury.

I hope that l’onorevole presidente Trantino has the dignity and honor to denounce me for criminal calumny or, at least, to sue me for slander. Otherwise, we must assume that he is a criminal who does not dare allow any judge to judge his actions by leaving the shelter of parliamentary immunity which is for him, like the criminals who he has attempted to assist by his campaign of lies, a necessary refuge.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find an e-mail address for l'onorevole presidente Trantino or a way to e-mail this non anonymous accusation to the commissione. Therefore, it is possible that a failure to denounce me will indicate only that l'onorevole presidente Trantino does not know about this obscure accusation and not that he agrees he is a crimminal protected by parliamentary immunity or a coward.

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