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Saturday, June 25, 2016

QOTD Charlie Pierce

Really realiably quote of every week day. He's wonderful. I was going to tweet part of this, but gave up on the 140 character limit when I couldn't resist quoting the 280th
it seems to me that there are several ways for the Remain crowd to eventually win the day, especially if The Elites are as powerful as the Leave gang thinks they are. If they think they could stand the gaff, they would simply ignore the results entirely; the balloting was close enough that they could be tempted to do just that, although it might require tossing David Cameron into the Channel, which might just be a unifying moment. They could bury the question in Parliament until the silver anniversary of the coronation of King George VII, who is presently growing teeth in some palace or another. The procedure for departure from the E.U. is untried, so it probably could be monkey-wrenched into infinity, or until a large portion of the Leave constituency goes off to glory, which ought to be any minute now.
I'd add that they can have another advisory referendum on the exact same question. Such a stunt is not explicitly forbidden by the UK's unwritten constitution. It sure seems that Bremain would win (the national currency dropping 10% against the dollar gets attention -- I think this is good for the UK but then I'm not a Brexit voter).

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