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Friday, October 30, 2015

With Notably Rare Exceptions, David Brooks is Aware of all Internet Traditions

David Brooks has scored a major internet hit by writing two of the most vapid and idiotic sentences in human history (which includes the collected writings of Donald Luskin and the speeches of Louis Gohmert Padishah emperor of the crazy people for life).

"At this stage it’s probably not sensible to get too worked up about the details of any candidate’s plans. They are all wildly unaffordable. What matters is how a candidate signals priorities."

He has managed to get quoted by Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, Scott Lemieux ,Tom Levinson and, oh hell just ask google.

Lemieux asks of Brooks is a mark or a con artist (I read the headline "In Republican Punditry, It’s A Fine Line Between Mark and Con Artist" as "A Fine line between stupid and clever") but I think Brooks is neither. I go for performance artist. I mean he had to have some reason to turn the stupid up to eleven.

I think the sentences might achieve internet immortality. I am sure that this was Brooks's intention.

Of course, the precedeing sentence was not intended to be a factual statement.


StudentAlephNull said...

Let's give the man credit. It was three sentences.

Robert said...

I concede that he wrote three sentences, but "They are all wildly unaffordable. " isn't vapid. It is substantive, to the point, and gives US voters all the information they need for them to conclude that they should not even consider voting for Republicans.