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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feeling Good is Easy When Barry's solid Blue

I was thinking about the newly liberated Obama here the villagers seem to have decided that Obama was passive, bored and uninterested in his job back when he was laying low to avoid making trouble for Democratic senators seeking re-election in red states. The fact that he had explicitly been asked to to not make too much news seems to have escaped the notice of people whose main problem is that they have litte DC political news to talk about (and heaven forfend that they report on what is happening to ordinary people who, for example, finally have health insurance). I decided to explain to no particular very serious person, that Obama had chosen to focus on not displeasing the median voter in mid term elections in states like Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky. So I thought that he was thinking of at a Kentucky coal mine not a California shore. Busted Flat in Baton Rouge awaiting a renoff ... Feeling good is easy when Barry's solid blue ... from the Kentucky Coal mines to the California Shore I need help. Probably professional help. ..

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